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Here are some reviews of martial arts books and other books on various aspects of Japanese culture that we recommend. We only review books that we feel have some special value to those interested in the Japanese martial arts; not suprisingly, not all popular books you find in the bookstores meet our criteria.

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Koryu.com Book Reviews

The A-Z of Judo
by Syd Hoare
Across the Nightingale Floor
by Lian Hearn
The Aikido Student Handbook
by Greg O'Connor
Children and the Martial Arts
by Gaku Homma
Code of the Samurai
a modern translation of the Bushido Shoshinshu of Taira Shigesuke
The Connoisseur's Book of the Japanese Sword
by Kokan Nagayama
Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu: Conversations with Daito-ryu Masters
interviews conducted and edited by Stanley A. Pranin
A Daughter of the Samurai
by Etsu Inagaki Sugimoto
Dueling with O-sensei: Grappling with the Myth of the Warrior Sage
by Ellis Amdur
The Fighting Spirit of Japan
by E.J. Harrison
Furyu: The Budo Journal
The best martial arts magazine in English, edited by Wayne Muromoto
by Liza Dalby
The Good Stuff: Recommended Reading
A guide to the best budo books by Meik Skoss
Heiho Okugisho: The Secret of High Strategy
by Yamamoto Kansuke; translated by Toshishiro Obata
Hired Swords: The Rise of Private Warrior Power in Early Japan
by Karl Friday
Japan: An Illustrated Encyclopedia
The essential reference for things Japanese
Japanese for the Martial Arts
by Alexander D.C. Kask
Keiko Shokon: Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan, volume three
edited by Diane Skoss
Koryu Bujutsu: Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan
edited by Diane Skoss
Kyudo: The Essence and Practice of Japanese Archery
by Onuma Hideharu, with Dan and Jackie DeProspero
Legends of the Samurai
translations by Hiroaki Sato
Martial Arts & Sports of Japan
The Japan Travel Bureau "Japan in Your Pocket" series
Martial Musings: A Portrayal of Martial Arts in the 20th Century
by Robert W. Smith
Memoirs of the Warrior Kumagai: A Historical Novel
by Donald Richie
Moving Toward Stillness: Lessons in Daily Life from the Martial Ways of Japan
by Dave Lowry
Old School: Essays on Japanese Martial Traditions
by Ellis Amdur
Persimmon Wind
by Dave Lowry
The Salaryman's Wife
by Sujata Massey
Samurai: An Illustrated History
by Mitsuo Kure
Samurai Bulldog
by Chibinosuke Dogizaemon
The Secret History of the Sword: Adventures in Ancient Martial Arts
by J. Christoph Amberger
The Spirit of Budo
by Trevor Leggett
Sword and Brush: The Spirit of the Martial Arts
by Dave Lowry
The Sword and the Mind
translated by Hiroaki Sato
Sword & Spirit: Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan, volume two
edited by Diane Skoss
Traditions: Essays on the Japanese Martial Arts and Ways
by Dave Lowry
Tuttle Kanji Cards
by Alexander D.C. Kask
Wave Man
by Christopher Bates
A Way to Victory: The Annotated Book of Five Rings
translation and commentary by Hidy Ochiai

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