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Readers have asked us: why are your publications so much cheaper on Why on earth would I want to pay more and purchase books directly from you?

These are excellent questions, and they deserve an answer.

Unfortunately, we can't control Amazon's pricing policy. They are underselling us in a way that hurts our business substantially. We are a very very small publisher, doing important work in a limited field. We (or rather I, there's only me) set a retail price--the one at which we must sell our books in order to compensate the author and to stay in business. Amazon is actually selling our books for not much more than they pay our wholesaler; they don't make very much from the sale, counting on large volumes to make up for the slim profit margin. This makes it impossible for me to compete. They are not particularly interested in the viability of one small koryu publisher, and there's not much I can do about it. Basically, it is up to the consumer to decide where they want to spend their money; some people prefer to purchase directly from me, since they know that the bulk of the money they pay goes towards enabling me to publish other worthwhile projects. Others (and many times this is of simple economic necessity, which I totally and completely understand) prefer to get the book more cheaply. The author and I get a much smaller percentage of the money for each book sold through Amazon, but at least we get something.

We certainly are not trying to pull a fast one or cheat our customers in any way. Everyone is most welcome to choose to make their purchases elsewhere. We do, however, most deeply appreciate the customers who do choose to support our work. Thank you!