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Book  The A-Z of Judo
by Syd Hoare
Article  "Jujutsu and Taijutsu: Some Background Information on Warrior Close Combat Systems"
by Meik Skoss
Web Site  Root Arts of Judo
by Steven R. Cunningham
Article  "Some Identifying Characteristics of Nihon Jujutsu"
by Stephen Fabian


Araki-ryu kogusoku
founded late Muromachi period (ca. 1573)
Daito-ryu aikijujutsu
founded mid-Meiji period (ca. 1890)
Hontai Yoshin-ryu jujutsu Updated
founded early Edo period (ca. 1660)
Sekiguchi Shinshin-ryu jujutsu
founded early Tokugawa period (ca. 1640)
Sosuishitsu-ryu jujutsu
founded early Edo period (ca. 1650)
Takenouchi-ryu jujutsu
founded late Muromachi period (1532)
Tatsumi-ryu heiho
founded late Muromachi period (ca. 1550)
Takamura-ha Shindo Yoshin-ryu New
founded 1864
Tenjin Shinyo-ryu jujutsu
founded ca. 1830
Yagyu Shingan-ryu taijutsu
founded early 1600s

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