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All of us at Koryu Books (that is, Meik and me) wish you a happy holiday season and the very best for 2010!

Thankfully, 2009 is almost over, and while it wasn't as horrible as I feared it would be for Koryu Books, it wasn't a good year either. We hope that the outlook for 2010 is better, and are looking forward to (probably) launching a new product line. Stayed tuned for further details.

We've tried to keep our postage rates as reasonable as we can and do not always raise them when the post office does. However, to keep from losing money, we must occasionally change the amounts we charge. Effect January 1, we will switch to a weight-based shipping calculation, which should result in taking in about the same as we spend on shipping. For most of you (particularly in Canada and Mexico), this will mean an increase. For single paperback book orders (except Katori Shinto-ryu) to other international destinations, the amount will actually decrease!

So if you were thinking of a Koryu Books purchase any time soon, please consider what effect this change might have on you. There's still time to get an order in before the rates are changed.

Shipping rates until 1/1/2010
US Canada/Mexico Other International
1st book $6.30 $9.45 $20.48
additional $1.58 $2.36 $5.12
Heavy book surcharge $2.63 $3.94 $8.53
1st heavy book $8.93 $13.39 $29.01
Additional heavy book $4.20 $6.30 $13.65

Shipping rates after 1/1/2010
weight US Canada/Mexico Other International
<=1 lb. $ 6.85 $ 12.88 $ 14.40
<=5 lbs. $ 12.20 $ 27.60 $ 40.14
>5 lbs. $ 15.95 $ 34.25 $ 50.97

Our paperbacks all weigh less than 1 pound (except Katori Shinto-ryu), so you can get an idea of what your order might run.

P.S. Sorry about the spacing in the charts--I'm in the middle of remodeling a bathroom and don't have time to get it perfect. I hope that you can figure it out!

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