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A promising site devoted to answering questions from martial artists.

Budo and Bujutsu, Gendai Budo and Koryu Budo
Martial Arts Definitions and Terminology, part 1, by Furyu editor Wayne Muromoto.

BUUYUU! - The Martial Arts Index The Internet Source for Japanese Martial Arts and Culture
Want to ask questions about any aspect of budo? Like to chat? Here is the best place for budo discussion on the net.

Fudebakudo - The Way of the Exploding Pen
Fabulous humor!

International Hoplology Society
The IHS continues the work of founder Donn F. Draeger. - Martial Arts Digital Dojo Page
This martial arts performance page is dedicated to film, video and stage productions of the martial arts.

Kampai Budokai
A martial arts group after our own heart!

Kronos: Chronological Encyclopedia of Martial Arts
By Joseph Svinth. Fascinating approach to the martial arts.

Martial Arts
From the Virtual Museum of the Traditional Japanese Arts. Beautiful, though far from comprehensive.

Martial arts FAQ
Nice presentation of info for beginners from rec.martial.arts. Users can add comments and questions.

Martial Arts in Japan
A Nipponia Special Feature

Martial Arts on Stamps
Some interesting stamps are available. Check out the kendo stamp!
More modern martial arts smorgasbord.

Naginata Jibiki
A dictionary of terms used in naginata.

Sensei, Sempai and Other Training Terms
Martial Arts Definitions and Terminology, part 2, by Furyu editor Wayne Muromoto.

Shudokan Martial Arts Association
Association founded by internationally respected judoka, Walter Todd.

The Stableford Martial Arts Resources Site

Trevor Leggett Home Page
Essays by the grand old man of Japanese budo.

Women in the Martial Arts
Great list of links to articles by, for, and about women in the martial arts.

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