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Culture For Kids: Guide To Japanese Traditions
Specially recommended by Mrs. McVey's 5th Graders.

Japan File
Well-organized resource of Japan info by Kansai Time Out.

Japan Guide
Brought to you by Cortext Translation. User comments encouraged.

Japan Information Network
Includes an atlas, Kids Web Japan, statistics, a virtual tour of Japan, and much more.

Japan Reference Page - Your Links to Japan
A comprehensive reference site.

Japan Society
Home page of the Japan Society in New York City.

Japan Telephone Directory
English language telephone directory.

Japan Times Online
Japan's premier English-language daily newspaper.

Japan Today
News from Japan in English.

Larry Stockton's Links to Japan
The finest collection of links to sites on Japan and Japanese culture I have ever encountered!

National Diet Library, Japan
Now available in English!

tHE qUirKY jaPan HomEPage
Provides information about oddities such as the The Meguro Parasitalogical Museum, the Thousand Person Bathtub, and more.

Tokyo Weekender
Serving Tokyo foreign community since 1970. Great for info on events in Tokyo.

WashingtonPost World Reference -- Japan
A starting point for research on Japan.

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