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Aikido Schools of New Jersey Iaido Group
Traditional Iaido classes in Muso Shinden Ryu. Located in New Jersey right off of Parkway exit 137.

AikidoLink - das Aikido Portal
Great independent homepage on Aikido for the German speaking part of the world.

Griffith Aikido, Brisbane, Australia
Instruction in Aikido Yuishinkai at 3 Griffith University campuses in Brisbane, Australia

Lyngby Kendo Club
Lyngby Kendo Club offers Traditional Japanese style of Fencing

Aikido From the Inside Out
A Guide for Beginners by Howard Bornstein.

THE place for info on aikido.

Best Judo
Ben Holmes provides thoughtful and detailed reviews of judo books.

British Kendo Association
Announcements and info on British Kendo Association activities.

Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu Homepage
A great starting place for information on the modern, but classically practiced, Danzan-ryu.
Official website of Hakko-ryu jujutsu and koho shiatsu.

Iaido Home Page
A great place to start for info on iaido.

International Shinkendo Federation Honbu Page
Official site of Shinkendo, developed by Toshishiro Obata.

Judo Information Site
A comprehensive judo resource by Neil Ohlenkamp. Essential stop for judoka.

Judo Stamps
Guide to judo stamps and coins. How cool!

Kendo in Russia
In Russian.

Kenyu Online--Kendo in the Northwest
Presented by the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation.

Site of the London Kyudo Society.

Kyudo Project Incorporated, Japanese Archery
A California 501.3 (c) non-profit corporation dedicated to spreading timely and accurate information about kyudo (Japanese Archery).

Kyudo WWW Links
Great list of links to kyudo resources on the web.
Web site of Dan & Jackie DeProspero, authors of Kyudo: The Essence and Practice of Japanese Archery.

Naginata Web Site
Information on the International Naginata Federation, the U.S. Naginata Federation and the Northern California

The World of Judo and Jujutsu
Lovely site with tons of information!

Women's Kendo Association
A network of women from the Southern California Kendo Federation.

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