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ShopSite Shopping Cart
An outstanding shopping cart.

Baker & Taylor
Major wholesaler to the bookstore and library trade.

Costco Online
Business memberships have many uses for small publishers.

Independent Book Publishers Association
If you are an independent publisher, you need to know about PMA (formerly Publishers Marketing Association)!

Ivan Hoffman, B.a., J.d., Attorney At Law
Ivan is an expert in Internet copyright issues, as well as providing world class advice for small publishers.

J2 Global Communications
A great voicemail/fax solution for small business owners and frequent travelers.

Koen Book Distributors, Inc. Homepage
East coast and New England area wholesaler to the booktrade.

Book marketing with a twist!

A unique selection of gifts and books.

Pair Networks - World Class Web Hosting
The finest web hosting available at incredibly low prices! Home of

Quality Books Home Page
Fine library wholesaler.

Sausage Software - Makers Of Hotdog Pro
My favorite HTML editor.

Thomson-shore's Book Manufacturing Home Page
Printer of Koryu Bujutsu: Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan and Persimmon Wind. First class!

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Copyright 2005 Koryu Books. All rights reserved.