Koryu Bujutsu: Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan

Koryu Bujutsu: Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan, volume 1
Edited by Diane Skoss
Published by Koryu Books.
US$21.95 (+shipping).
ISBN: 1-890536-04-0.
6" x 9" paperbk, 192 p., with 33 photos.
Includes Japanese glossary with kanji, bibliographical references, and complete index.
New Kindle Edition: Koryu Bujutsu: Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan

by George H. Bristol
Introduction: Keiko Shokon
by Diane Skoss
The Koryu Bujutsu Experience
by Hunter B. Armstrong
The Meaning of Martial Arts Training: A Conversation with Sawada Hanae
Interview by Meik Skoss
Field Guide to the Classical Japanese Martial Arts
by Diane Skoss
Marishiten: Buddhist Influences on Combative Behavior
by David A. Hall
Tenjin Shinyo-ryu Jujutsu
by Meik Skoss
Kato Takashi: Reflections of the Tatsumi-ryu Headmaster
Interview by Liam Keeley
Koryu Meets the West
by Ellis Amdur
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Classical Japanese Martial Arts
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Classical Japanese Martial Arts