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A Koryu Primer

Just what are the koryu bujutsu? Authentic classical Japanese martial traditions are quite rare in the West, and there's not a whole lot of reliable information in English. If you're curious, this introduction will help you get started with articles and resources on the martial arts of the Japanese samurai. We've also included a recommended reading list and some guides to help you distinguish the real from the wannabes (many of these books can be purchased through our link to Amazon.com; note that we receive a commission on each purchase).

What's New at Koryu.com

Latest breaking news and information. A good first stop for repeat visitors, with a list of all recently added and updated articles and reviews. If you'd like to be notified when updates are posted, register with our announcements mailing list. Finally, don't forget our "Top Ten Things you can do to help Koryu.com."

The Koryu.com Guide to the Classical Ryu

A listing of authentic classical ryuha organized by type (kenjutsu, jujutsu, etc.). The Ryu Guide includes basic information about each tradition, links to all the relevant articles, photos, and books at Koryu.com, and links to the most important and useful web resources.

Koryu.com Budo Library

A collection of articles in English on the koryu bujutsu by the foremost writers in the field. Organized by author and title. A great place to find out more about various aspects of Japanese classical martial arts.

The Budo Bookshelf

An unashamedly biased (but well-informed) list of the most useful books in English on the classical martial arts of Japan. Only titles that we can recommend in one way or another are included, and we provide reviews to explain our recommendations. We also provide links to purchase these titles either direct from Koryu Books or through Amazon.com. Support your favorite koryu web site by making all your online book purchases through our Amazon.com link; we earn a commission on qualified purchases.

Koryu.com FAQ

Got questions? Many have been asked before, so we've compiled them into this FAQ, which covers questions on the koryu, book ordering, other resources, and Koryu Books, the company.

Recommended Resources on the Web

Here you'll find links to resources of value on the web. We've recently reorganized our links into more specific categories so you can find what you are looking for more easily.

About Koryu Books

Find out about the people behind this web site and the publishing company that supports it. You'll also find our privacy policy and general ordering information here.

Classical Japanese Martial Arts
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