Kogen Itto-ryu

Systems: kenjutsu (odachi, kodachi); naginatajutsu
Date founded: mid-Edo period (1783)
Founded by: Henmi Tashiro Yoshitoshi
Present representative/headmaster: Henmi Chifuji
Primarily located in: Saitama


Link Type Entrance to the Yobukan Dojo
Henmi family home, Saitama Prefecture.
Link Type Kogen Itto-ryu kodachi technique
Shidachi, right, has deflected uchidachi's thrust and counterattacked to uchidachi's left wrist and midsection.
Article  "Kogen Itto-ryu: An Overview"
by Meik Skoss
Article  "Summer 1999 Kogen Itto-ryu Gasshuku"
by Zach Smith

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